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Jihan Othman - Refugees Uitzendbureau
Jihan Othman, Oprichter & Ceo van Refugees Uitzendbureau
Jihan Othman, die haar certificaat voor ondernemerschap ontvangt

I am Jihan, from Syria with Kurdish roots. After a long journey, of almost 4 years, I ended up in the Netherlands in December 2016. I started as an administrative assistant and then started working at Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland as an office manager. Based on my own struggle to find work as a refugee and the unconditional support I've experienced, I created Refugees Uitzendbureau (an employment agency) to assist other refugees and asylum seekers in finding meaningful work that not only uses their talents but also contributes to their integration and personal growth in the Netherlands.

Jihan Othman - Refugees Uitzendbureau

I chose this target group because I've experienced all their experiences myself and I know how difficult it is to be in a new country, unable to speak the language, and how lonely you feel. In addition, I speak their language, I understand their culture, and they are very happy when I start talking in their own language.
Jihan Othman - Refugees Uitzendbureau

Our services

We aim to be at the forefront of creating an inclusive labor market where everyone, regardless of background, has the opportunity to realize their full potential. We are convinced that by uniting our forces, we can not only change the lives of individual refugees, asylum seekers, and status holders, but also have a positive impact on Dutch society as a whole.
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Job Seekers

Refugees Uitzendbureau specializes in connecting refugees, asylum seekers, and status holders with appropriate employment, giving them the opportunity for economic independence and integration into Dutch society. We offer personal guidance and training to develop their skills and increase their chances in the labor market. By working closely with various companies, we create an inclusive work environment where talent and diversity are valued.

Clear-Path - Quote - Adriaan Romijn
Jihan helped me set up my company and subsequently also found jobs. I owe her a lot of thanks.
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Refugees Uitzendbureau offers clients access to a diverse and motivated talent pool of refugees, asylum seekers, and status holders, enriched with unique skills and perspectives, to strengthen their teams. We facilitate a seamless integration of employees into organizations, supported by customized guidance and training, to promote an inclusive work environment. Our services not only help companies increase their social impact, but also meet their needs for specific talents and stimulate cultural diversity in the workplace.

Clear-Path - Quote - Adriaan Romijn
Thanks to Refugees Uitzendbureau, we have not only found valuable employees who perfectly meet our needs, but we also contribute to a larger social goal. Their professionalism and care for both clients and candidates make them an indispensable partner in our pursuit of diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace.
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Refugees Uitzendbureau works with partners from various sectors to build bridges between refugees, asylum seekers, and status holders and the labor market, developing joint initiatives to create and promote employment. Together with our partners, we develop training and guidance programs that prepare refugees for the Dutch labor market, strengthen their skills and accelerate their integration. These collaborations enable us to provide a wider network of support, giving refugees better opportunities and allowing partners to fulfill their social responsibility.

Clear-Path - Quote - Adriaan Romijn
In our collaboration with Refugees Uitzendbureau, we have seen how powerful it is to jointly invest in the future of refugees. Their expertise and dedication have not only changed the lives of many, but also enriched our organization with new perspectives and talents. This partnership is an example of how collaboration can lead to meaningful progress and positive social impact.

And, how does it work in practice if you want to work through us?

We're not just going to start. It is the start of a journey that we are going to take together.
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Let's get in touch with each other.
Get in touch with us. This can be done by phone, email or via our site. We don't need any further information from you. Step 1; so it's up to you.

Persononlijke intake/interview met Refugees Uitzendbureau

Intake interview

During an intake interview, we lay the foundation for a successful relationship. It's important to get to know each other, build trust, and discuss expectations and goals. An intake interview can be arranged by phone, online (via whatsapp or zoom or...), or simply physically.

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Getting started

Yes, we will work for you. We will keep you regularly informed and will continue until you find a suitable (temporary) job.